Friday, May 6, 2011

Using Digital Scrapbooking templates to show off my new grandson!

A little catching up, since it's been a crazy couple of weeks! What an exciting and tiring time we've had. Since Eli has arrived into our world, my DH has been working with my brother in London (Ontario) during the week. My DD struggled with mastitis again, our church's family night program has wrapped up for the season, I've helped with a fundraiser, I've been sick, and we had a crazy wind storm! Whew!!

Hubby's work in London has been going well, however, he's strained his back, and he's resting it right now.

Thankfully, the doctor that saw my daughter believed her this time about the mastitis. With her first child, they told her she didn't have it, and did not offer any other help. Normally, a nurse will come to the house to see how new moms are doing, and especially if she's having difficulties, but the H1N1 flu was going around at the time, and there was no help for her. She ended up giving up breast feeding. In the long run, it was better for her and the baby, the pain stopped, and the baby was happier too.

But this time, the doctor prescribed antibiotics, and she was back to normal in a few days. And of course, the timing was impeccable, as that was also the day of the wind storm. Many homes were without power, and their house was one of the unlucky ones to be without for more than 24 hours. The house was too cold for a new Mom and a new-born baby. Even better timing, it was her hubby's first day back to work! She came to our house to get warmed up, as our power was back on after about 10 hours.

With them living in a more rural area, they are on a septic system, and without electricity, their basement flooded too!

There was so much damage to hydro-electric poles, trees, houses, and roofs. I've never seen it that bad! You could hardly drive around anywhere with there being a tree or pole crossing your path.

We are very thankful that we had no damage to our own house!

Now that we are healthy again, and the Internet is back up, and life is getting back to normal, I can get back to scrapbooking!

Using templates for digital scrapbooking is a great time saver! You can still use a lot of your own creativity, and have a lot of freedom to choose papers and elements in your layout, but the big choices, the layout itself, is done by a "highly skilled professional" lol.

One of my very favourite digital scrapbooking designers had a recent freebie posted on her blog. She gave away this delightful template! I was just looking for a template to show off my new grandson, and there it was in my inbox! aren't newsletters great? Whether it was the timing of the newsletter, or the great photos in the example, I don't know, but I loved this one right away, and got to work right away too!

This is the layout I've done with it, using some pictures of our new grandson. These were taken the day he was born.

This layout uses products that I've designed, for the most part. 
The ribbon is a freebie I grabbed from a blog train a while ago, called "grandma's quilt" It is by Valerie Steinkoenig @

I put together a kit specifically for photographers to use to design cards and birth announcements. Its called "baby soft"

And this one I did, using Sahlin Studio products, that I intend to submit as part of the May template challenge:

Don't I have an adorable grandbaby!? I love him so much already!

Templates are a great way to get some of those layouts done that you've been meaning to get to, but haven't got around to it yet!

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Scrapping!

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