Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!

How exciting! A day (weekend) devoted to my favourite hobby, digital scrapbooking. I'll bet there are many, many scrappers who are busy hunting some great finds in digiland this weekend!

I've been busy today coming up with something to give away!

I've also been busy baking cookies for coffee after church tomorrow. We were involved in "we love our neighbour" campaign. Basically, about 2 weeks ago, a bunch of us went around our church neighbourhood, and handed out paper bags, to collect non perishable food for our local food bank, "Community Care". On Halloween night, we picked up the bags, and invited all to come to a special service to celebrate a bountiful harvest. And it was bountiful indeed!
As my DD said "FRC rocks!" It was a great event, and I would say, very successful. On one of the bags was written a nice note: "Thank you for giving up your Halloween night to do this"

Is anyone thinking about their Christmas Cards yet? I've taken one of my favourite birth announcements, and turned it into a Christmas Card template. This will be simple to use, with your photo editing software, (ie, photoshop elements) just pop in your own photo, change the names, and voila, your Christmas Card will be ready to print.

This is a 5x7, but can be scaled down to 4x6, if you prefer.
If anyone wants this in a different format, just leave a comment, I'll do my best to accommodate.
The basics of this template are from another of my favourites, the snow day kit:

And without further delay, here is the link to download the template. (click the link under the picture) This will only be available free for a limited time! After that, you will find it at my Etsy shop.
Freebie has expired.