Friday, January 28, 2011

Every good and perfect gift

"Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17a.

Everybody loves a freebie, right? I've just put the finishing touches on this mini digital scrapbooking kit, an add-on to "Denim" Click on the link to download, leave a comment if you do.

Though this particular gift may not be heaven sent, I do hope you enjoy it in any case. Love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by.

Today's Freebie:


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blue jeans. Everybody has their favourite pair, the ones that are faded just right, worn in perfectly, the ones you never want to get rid of. I designed this kit to capture the feeling of the perfect pair of jeans. It isn't the big things in life that count the most, it's making a big deal out of the little ones, that's what makes our lives memorable. This kit is perfectly suited to express those moments you've captured in your photos.

Here is the latest kit I've designed, and a layout I did with it, it will be available for purchase from Etsy. Look for the shop MemoryLaneDigital.

And a kit I designed called "sweater weather", and a couple of layouts I did with it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Passionate about Digital Scrapbooking

For my first blog entry, I think I should try to determine what kinds of things I should talk about. So what am I passionate about?
Faith, family, friends and food, for starters!
And of course digital scrapbooking, as well as photography, multi media and graphic design.

First in my life is my faith in Jesus Christ. I’m actively involved at my church, and consider the people there more than just friends, they are my “church family”.

My family is also very important to me. I’m married to the love of my life, my high school sweetheart, Ken. We have 2 great “kids”, who are all grown up, and have left the nest, 1 grandchild, and 1 on the way.

I started digital scrapbooking in the middle of 2010. I was working on a project for my dad, scanning the photos from old family photo albums to put into a slideshow. My dad has age related macular degeneration, so he can no longer see the photos in photo albums.

Well, I wanted to have more control over the layouts.  I discovered digital scrapbooking, and it took off from there.

So those are the beginnings of my ramblings...
...come back soon if it sounds at all interesting. Here are some layouts I've done:

My intention with these layouts is to put them into a slideshow for my dad, along with music and narration. He hasn't seen them yet, so I'm excited to finish this project, and surprise him with the end result! The photos and text are from Dad's memoirs, which he's been working on while struggling with Macular degeneration. He uses his reading machine to write, and has his grandkids transcribe his text on the computer, gets them to print it, and puts it all together in a big red binder.